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A Case Study

The Marriage Between Fund Development and Communications


Better Tomorrows took a chance for the first time to sponsor and engage in a large-scale, multi-day outdoor event. The WXPN Music Festival offered the organization the opportunity to reach out to an audience that represented the optimal donor. Participation in the event was considered risky because of the relatively sizeable monetary investment, including the participation fee, the cost of branded promotional items, and staff time. A part of the sponsorship included radio airtime. Spots were run before, during, and after the festival, giving BT a chance to educate people about the work and encourage their support. 


Participation in the festival was considered a success. The opportunity to speak with people and tell them about the work of the staff and the residents they support was well worth the investment. Although the short-term direct contributions to the organization were minimal, there have been longer-term benefits. Because of a connection made at the festival, BT now has a valuable relationship with a collaborative sponsor willing to offer financial support, introductions to donors, and volunteers. This fundraising effort was successful because of the synergy between communications and fund development processes.

Work Performed:
  • Procurement of Branded Merchandise
  • Radio Ad Copy
  • Signage
  • Developed Social Media posts and executed campaign 
  • Staff Prep/ Development of Talking Points

Radio Ad

0112-Better Tomorrows-BB

Event Signage

8 x 10 SIGN - WXPN.png
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