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Lori Ward is a believer in all things being possible and a staunch supporter of efforts that help women and girls feel good about being strong, bold, intelligent and comfortable in their own skin.


A creative soul with an entrepreneurial spirit, Lori’s dream was to create a space that would showcase new and different products that celebrate culture, positivity, and individualism.  This vision is embodied in CleverLew.  


CleverLew is an eclectic shop that showcases unique polymer clay jewelry and other distinctive products from the mind and hands of its creator.  It is a reflection of the authenticity that lives in all of us.  Our products glorify and affirm your desire to be unapologetically you. 


We hope you love our handcrafted clay jewelry and other finds, whether it is for yourself or as a special gift for someone else.  Come back often…CleverLew’s hands are always busy!

Lori Ward

Creative Chief in Charge


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